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Commercial Architecture:

Commercial Architecture: As businesses continue to expand into the Northwest, the marketplace becomes more competitive. Effective facility design gives a business the advantage in this aggressive environment, for the working facility is the business’s largest and most important tool. When approaching a commercial project, Studio 4 considers function, aesthetics, and the building’s purpose to provide the client with an efficient and invaluable space.


King Town Center - Billings, Montana

Off The Leaf - Grand Ave, Billings, Mt

Country Manor - Billings, Montana

Parkland West - Billings, Montana

Grand Garden - Billings, Montana

HDR Engineering 2 - Billings, Montana

McCall Development Design Studio - Billings, Montana

Prioricare Staffing Solutions - Billings, Montana

Spire Climbing Center - Addition - Bozeman, Montana

Dermatology Clinic - Billings, Montana

Montana Allergy and Asthma Specialists - Billings, Montana

Computer Compliance - Bozeman, Montana

Miscellaneous Retail -

Brewer Dental Center - Under Construction - Billings, Motnana

Uncommon Grounds - Under Construction - Central Ave, Billings, Mt

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