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Studio 4 Architects - Billings / Bozeman Montana

Quality architecture combines aesthetic appeal with practical efficiency to provide a space tailored to the unique lifestyle of its occupants. Studio 4 Architects, with locations in Billings and Bozeman, dedicates itself to producing this quality at a fair price. Whether commercial or residential, Studio 4 employs creative thinking to design a distinct, timeless structure that compliments the surrounding landscape and exceeds the client's expectations.

Studio 4 architects believes a site's topography and natural features to be as important as a structure's interior layout and strives to form a seamless relationship between the landscape, the building and the people residing within it. Every structure changes the landscape of a place. Studio 4 finds intelligent, artistic cost-efficient methods of integrating the building into its site, so that whether you are walking from the lobby to the front walk, or your living room onto the patio, the effect is a natural transition from inside to outside.

All architecture begins with the vision of the client. Studio 4 values that vision above all else and gives full attention to the smallest of details. From the design process to the finishing touches of construction, Studio 4 works closely with its clients to ensure their visions' manifestation.

Frank H. Nienaber IV, AIA


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